Diversification of LCC
speakers faithful to the original sound.

Manufacturer of the developed speaker

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Announcements in the street or on the station、the sound systems of TV and radio.
Have you never felt these to be、put bluntly、”noisy”?
No matter how much science progresses,the speaker that relays sound true to the source will be analog.
And no matter how expensive the speakers, when compared to the original sound, no sound from a speaker will fool the ears of the listener.
This is because the sound from normal speakers lasts all of 1/25 seconds.
Thus it mixes with the following sound, troubling the ears.
What is particular about the LCC speakers is the fact that the frequency gap is very small, the duration of the sound being only 1/50 seconds.
The result・・・
It is prossible to reproduce a natural、clear sound with a great oroduct that even attracts attention in the fild of neuroscience.

Excellent sound quality of original sound and reproducibility of language clarity.
it’s quiet and you know the meaning well. Speaker of Brain activates and awaken.

Use target
1. Peple who are having trouble hearing the sound of TV and radio such as elderly people and
hearing impaired people.
Just by replacing it with an LCC speaker,it sounds even less than halt the volume.

2. People who are need of higher brain dysfunction such as developmental disorders and mental retardation.
By humming the sound and immune cells , the brain awakens and expects medical effects.

3. Noise such as classroom and auditorium is difficult to hear noise is improved if the large LCC speaker are distributed as monitoring speakers.

4. Intant like a nursery school responds to voice concentration , becomes stronger and become quiet and a kindergarten who was making noise when singing music dances out.

5. Even listening to chopin and the list piano concertos on CD、in the case of LCC speakers, the sound of the piano will shine and the presence of the live performance of orchestra a can be enjoyed at home.

Reflections of loyalisls
Children who used to be noisy, unfocused or temperamental, suddenly stay quiet and listen. As the teachers voice is relayed by the speaker without any interfering noise、the brain is stimulated and the children can listen comfortably, For schools!
The chilren can concentrate for a long time!
Good for teaching laguages! Especially when used for purposes such as listening practice, difficult parts like the ending of words become clearly audible.
This is evidence that the sound is truly clear!
For the hearing impaired!

By connecting the LCC speakers to the headphon jack of a TV or radio, wors and sounds become clearly audible.
At the same time,you can lower the volume and still be able to hear…
For meetings !
The sound enters the ears completely naturally, without making you tired or sleepy、making it easy to focus during meetings!
Try changing The CAR speakers !
For CAR stereo systems!
That wonderful sound of the eight-track is reborn inside the ear!

The excitement and sparkle of somo 30 years ago is released.
That emotional sound from my youth that I cannot forget!

Discussion and task
1)Stimulate the auditory nerve、Improve immune function etc.
I would like to increase the achievements such as establishing evidence to
contribute to music medical care regardless of surgery and medication.
2)  The amplifier and playback deck of the sound device remain intact.
speaker as optional partgs. I want to prepare a replaceable simple product and
advertise it inside and outside.
3)Development theme
① Language
clarification of audio equipment of AI artificial intelligence equipment such as
Robot development of compact speaker.
② Development and practical
application of sound quality measuring instrument that can evaluate
reproducibility of existing speaker.
③ Establishment of performance standads
for reproducibility of Loudspeakers such as speech clarity and international

Reference material attached
High technology of LCC speaker

A Case of Music Therapy to a Person with  Intellectual Disabilities,
Such as Developmental Disorder

A woman, the age of 19 at present, who was diagnosed as hemiparesis on her right side and severe intellectual disabilities caused by the side effect of vaccination at her age of one.
A case that indicates a possibility of palliative medical therapy not depending on surgeries or
medicines, with the effective cure against a person with intellectual disabilities, whose auditory in brain, such as expressions, communication,
vocabulary of conversations, writings was activated and awakened by music therapy, according to my hearing research results held at the day of three, one month, and six months since I let her start listening to her favorite music with LCC speaker (B) instead of a conventional speaker (A).

The followings are the observation record from her farther.

“March 30  When she listened to music with LCC speaker, she started singing. It was the first time that symptom appeared.”

“April 8 Some changes happened on her after one week since she started listening to music with LCC speaker. Her body was slightly tightened, her face became rational, and she started speaking of her own accord. Such changes in a short-term amazed me.”

“May 9   I have been let her listen to music with LCC speaker every morning for her exercise, I can recognize more changes that her ankles move flexibility, and vocabulary she speaks is getting

“May 24   She used to use words for speaking, however, after she started listening to music with LCC speaker, she sometimes speaks in complete sentences.”

“August 15 She greatly became good at singing.”

“September 12  I recognized my daughter’s change. This is the first time she could write her name in hiragana; Japanese cursive syllabary, in a frame with 6 cm × 1 cm uniformly.”

Presentation recod
The 10th Annval Meeting of the Japan society of music and medicine .
Theme「Point of contact between neuroscience and music medical 」
Venue :Gifu prefecture of Japan.November 2016

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